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Ableton announce Live 10: Watch

Live gets a major and long-awaited update…

Ableton have announced version 10 of their popular music-making software Live. Having only announced Live 9.7.5 last week, the update brings with it a new synth, redfined design, new FX and innovative new features. At the top of the list is a new instrument called Wavetable, funnily enough a wavetable synth with a new re-sizable GUI, something not seen in Live before.

Elsewhere, a much needed new delay plugin Echo has been added with modulation and saturation extras for depth and character. Pedal brings classic distortion to Live, but with extra features like Sub to add weight to a sometimes-thin guitar-like sound.

Drum Buss bundles together all the tools you need for thick, tight and weighty drums with compression, saturation, transient shaper and more.

A new feature Capture allows you recall happy accidents or great ideas, even if you didn’t press record. Live will always be ‘listening’ to your MIDI input and can recall jams or riffs automatically.

Other features include the ability to edit multiple MIDI clips at once, Groups within Groups, a new split stereo pan mode, new Collection and Colours functionality for easier browsing and much more. Read the whole list of changes on the Ableton website and watch the preview video below. Live 10 is available in early 2018 with Max for Live now bundled with every version starting at €249. While you're waiting, why not try this new granular synth for Live?