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Ableton launch five new sequencers for free: Watch

The Probability Pack is free for Live 10 users to download…

Ableton Probability Pack
Ableton Probability Pack

Ableton have launched a new Probability Pack for Live 10. The pack contains five sequencers, each one based on a different algorithm, focussing on unpredictable outcomes and unexpected melodies.

Designed with Push in mind, the pack includes: Melodic Probability for monophonic stepping, Rhythmic Probability for polyphonic rhythms, Probability Arp with a built-in chord generator, Step Divider for micro, glitch sounds and Dr. Chaos, a "A neural network that strings together notes and generates melodies in unpredictable ways". There's a 60 new Ableton synth presets to experiment on. 

The new pack is completely free for Live 10 users – download it here. Next month, Ableton are hosting their first LA-based LOOP summit, with plenty of Live-based goodies and inspiration.