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Ableton launches free Live 11 Lite upgrade

The cutdown version of the popular DAW gets its latest update

Ableton has launched Live 11 Lite, the latest major update to Live Lite, the cutdown version of Live often included with hardware purchases like soundcards and MIDI controllers. Live 11 Lite is a free upgrade for current Live Lite owners, and includes some of the features added to the full version of Live 11 including support for MPE-compatible hardware like ROLI devices, three new devices – Phaser-Flanger, Limiter and Saturator – and can now host up to 16 scenes in Session View. 

Live Lite has also added the Tempo Follow feature and expression control for MIDI devices. Live’s Core Library has also been updated with extra sounds, drum kits, grooves, loops etc while the tweaked devices from Live 11 – including Chorus-Ensemble and Redux – have also been updated for Lite. 

Live 11 Lite is a free download for all Live Lite users and can be downloaded here. Read more about the full version of Live 11 here.