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Ableton's new device FlexGroove creates off-the-grid rhythms

The new device runs within Max for Live

Ableton has launched a new Max for Live device called FlexGroove. The new device is designed to 'push and pull' MIDI, off the usual rigid quantised grid, transition between time signatures and add more unconventional swing to your pattern. It was designed by classical violinist and software developer Martin von Frantzius "to support his experimentations in microtiming, polyrhythms, and tempo shifting". 

There are six modes in FlexGroove: Free time that manipulates timing using breakpoints, Acceleration that gradually increases your pattern’s tempo, Deceleration that gradually slows your pattern down, Sine/half sine that speeds up and slows down timing along a curve, Ratio to transition your MIDI sequence from one time signature to another and Swing engine to "give your tracks offbeat swagger". FlexGroove costs €29 and is a great solution for anyone who wants to experiment with more esoteric timing and go off the grid. 

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