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Vintage vibes...

There seems to be a lot of love for all things hardware and analogue at the moment, and drum machines are on the top of many producer's most-loved kit.

Arturia recently launched the DrumBrute, alongside original creators Roland — who introduced a new boutique version of their classic 909 drum machine. Now, German bespoke electronics company Acidlab have paid homage to Roland's classic creations with the release of their new 909-inspired Detroit Drum Machine.

Acidlab are not new to recreations of classic analogue gear — the Miami and the Bassline 3 also make up part of their product line. Both are faithful recreations of Roland’s drum machines: the 808 and their TB-303 bass synth.

The Detroit is an analog drum machine based on the circuits of the 909 with additional sound-parameters. There are no more details than that currently available, but rest assured, we’ll be giving it a full review once we get our hands on this new little box of joy.