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AIAIAI add band to TMA-2 Modular Headphone System...

AIAIAI are continuously looking to push the boundaries when it comes to their headphone technology, creating a standard that is future-proof, and with this ethos comes the newest addition to their TMA-2 Modular range:  the H05.

The H05 is a new smart headband for their TMA-2 Modular Headphone System being launched on Kickstarter — a Bluetooth headband that allows the TMAs to be used free of wires. 

The H05 adds wireless functionality to any configuration of AIAIAI modular headphone system, meaning that DJs and producers who already own a set of the TMA-2 can upgrade their set to be completely wireless at a lower cost then purchasing a new pair of phones.

Interested parties wanting to get in on the action via the Kickstarter campaign will receive up to 50% off either the headband alone or a complete wireless TMA-2 configuration when they support the project.

New wireless TMA-2 from AIAIAI on Vimeo.