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Akon awarded $6billion contract to build a city in Senegal

The city will have its own airport and currency

Akon has been awarded a $6 billion contract to build a city in Senegal.

Originally announced in 2018, Sengalese-American artist Akon revealed he was working with the Sengalese government to build a tourist city that used a cryptocurrency-based economy.

Making the announcement via Instagram, Akon shared that he had secured a $6 billion dollar building contract for Akon City in Senegal with United States-based engineering and consulting firm, KE International.

The first phase of the project is expected to be completed by 2023, and will include the building of a power plant and hospital, roads, shops and a school. By 2029 the second phase will be rolled out, with Akon City housing schools and universities, police stations, an industrial complex and a stadium. All businesses in Akon City will be using Akon's AKOIN cryptocurrency. 

The Sengalese-American artist has launched a number of philanthropy projects, including Akon Lighting Africa in 2014, which provides electricity in 15 countries of Africa, and a charity for underpriveliged children. Akon City will run on 100% renewable energy, and is expected to be fully completed by 2030.

See the post from Akon below.