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#AlexFromGlasto on performing on stage with Dave: It was 'too good to be true'

"I was so nervous," 15-year-old Alex Mann has revealed...

Alex Mann, the 15-year-old who made headlines after performing with English rapper Dave at Glastonbury, has spoken about his experience.

The teenager has become an unexpected social media star after plucked from the crowd to perform 'Thiago Silva' at the Other Stage on Sunday.

Speaking to The Guardian, Mann - who lives in Wells, Somerset - said, "I’m not sure what was going through my head. I was so nervous. I thought: ‘What if I mess up?’ But then I went on stage and performed and it felt so good.”

In a separate interview with talkSPORT, Mann addressed speculation that the unexpected performance may lead to something more, saying, "I doubt it will lead to a rap career but we can hope!"

At the time of writing, Mann has over 154,000 followers on Twitter.

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