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Alison Wonderland unveils new visuals for upcoming tour: Watch

With a bit of help from Microsoft...

Alison Wonderland has teamed up with Microsoft's Music x Technology initiative for her new live visuals.

Wonderland and her team wanted to create a bespoke setup that would be truly portable allowing her to perform with the same visuals at both large and intimate venues.

Harnessing the power of one of Microsoft's Surface Books and a couple of Kinect cameras, Wonderland's team managed to create a truly portable setup that uses Wonderland's larger than life stage persona for her onscreen visuals.

By using the power of a top of the range Surface Book, Wonderland and her team are now able to use the setup at any venue, no matter its size, giving her forthcoming tour a visual continuity that wouldn't have been possible before.

"They really wanted something that wasn't a huge extra set of cases, but something that's small and could easily be added to their kit," said Amy Sorokas, strategic partnerships director of Microsoft Brand Studios.

"It's quick to set up and portable but also flexible to work no matter where she's playing."

To achieve this, the project relies on a video camera, two Kinect cameras, a Surface Book, popular video DJ (VJ) software called Resolume and a custom-built controller app.

"I can't wait to get out on tour and keep trying new things with the new music," said Wonderland on the system's future potential. "There's loads of stuff we could do. This is just the beginning."

For Alison Wonderland's forthcoming tour dates head here.