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Amsterdam's Night Mayor Mirik Milan believes he can help revolutionise LA's nightlife

"Los Angeles is a tough city to crack..."


During a visit to Los Angeles, Amsterdam's Nightlife Mayor Mirik Milan declared he wants to help revolutionise LA's nightlife economy by persuading authorities to relax drinking rules and help them to have a more tolerant approach to handling electronic music events.

"It's not that authorities are attacking dance music, they just don't know what the cultural value is so that's where we come in," explained Milan during an interview Billboard Magazine, whilst visiting the city to begin discussions with the city's Mayor of Economic Development on their proposed bill to relax the city's licensing rules.

He said the biggest change he was able to bring about in Amsterdam was extending alcohol licenses but with one important caveat.

"One of our biggest accomplishments was introducing 24-hour alcohol licenses but only for 10 bars and clubs and these venues are not located in the city centre."

This measured approach gave venues the chance to host bigger events, with bigger names, without having a big affect on local communities.

"Together with the Mayor, we lay down a vision, saying that we don't want just longer hours but we want better productions and events."

And Milan attributes the changes for a sharp fall in anti-social behaviour and violent crime by 30% and 28%, respectively.

"When you spread out the night longer, people actually drink less," he said.

Despite his success he admits it won't be easy for LA to replicate Amsterdam's success but he is hopeful that the promise of increased econonic activity might persuade LA's lawmakers to give it a chance.

"I've been here just a week and L.A. is a tough city to crack, man. It's something else. Everybody is something in L.A.. There are no quick fixes. It's great though, I had the chance to meet the Mayor of Economic Development at City Hall just to explain what we do and where we come from."

You can read Milan's full interview with Billboard Magazine here.