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Animated gabber-themed sci-fi series launches, Culturesport: Watch

Episode number one, 'ROTTERDAM 95', is available to stream via YouTube...

A new animated sci-fi series centring around gabber music has launched.

Titled 'ROTTERDAM 95', episode one of CULTURESPORT revolves around the escapades of twins Ton and Bas De Vries, who head out for a night of gabber before misfortune ensues. It can be viewed for free via YouTube below. 

The minds behind the series said it was "developed in relative secrecy over the past five years [and is] the result of intensive and ongoing collaboration between artists, designers, musicians, actors, dancers, brands, and CULTURESPORT’s in-house creative team.

To coincide with the launch, a new Kickstarter campaign has been created to fund the full series.

Last year, cult vampire killing classic, Blade was given a gabber soundtrack.