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Annie Mac says phones are ruining raving

“I noticed a distinct difference...”

Annie Mac thinks that modern clubbers' obsession with using mobile phones in clubs is ruining raves.

In a recent interview with Music Week, the Radio 1 presenter said that clubbers’ constant need to document their entire night was ruining the vibe of many nights she had recently played.

"I noticed a distinct difference," she said during in the new issue of Music Week. "That difference was phones - it was next level.

"There was this constant kind of need for documentation of the night and it just killed my fucking vibe.”

She did offer some solutions, highlighting clubs like Berghain or Output in New York that have a no phone policy.

"You're either not allowed to bring your phone in, which I think is a bit extreme, or they put a sticker over your screen so that you can't take photos."

And she hopes more and more clubs in the UK will begin to adopt a similar approach in the coming years.

“I hope it will become the norm - I think that would be really good for clubbing in general."

Via Music Week