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Annie Mac’s stolen USB returned as fan apologises for “drunken mistake”

Annie Mac's stolen USB has finally been returned

Annie Mac’s stolen USB returned as fan apologises for “drunken mistake”

Annie Mac has shared the news that her USB stick, which was stolen during a gig last month, has been returned.

Sharing an image of a handwritten note from the regretful perpetrator on Instagram, the DJ and presenter wrote that she was “relieved” that the stick, which carries “thousands of songs, over ten years of music”, had been returned.

The note reads: “Really sorry for distressed caused. We haven’t accessed it,” the note reads. “It was a moment of drunken madness. So Sorry.”

Last month, Annie Mac launched a public appeal for the USB’s safe return, promising that there would be “no repercussions” if it was brought back to her. 

The USB was taken from the booth at her own Before Midnight club night on 9th December 2022.  The club night, which runs from 7 PM to midnight, aims to provide parties for people who love dance music but don’t want to lose out on a night’s sleep.  

“It was stolen before Christmas, plucked from the CDJ players I was DJing from, after my Before Midnight gig in London, when I was standing just a few feet away, chatting to attendees,” Annie Mac recalled in the Instagram post, thanking the person for returning it. 

“More than the inconvenience caused by the theft, the whole thing felt so discordant with the spirit of the evening, which had felt so joyous up to that point.”

“We received an email just before Christmas, sheepish tones. It was stupid. A drunken mistake. Now it’s in my manager’s office waiting for me to pick up. I’m so glad, and relieved that it wasn’t some calculated malevolent act,” she continued. 

“To whoever you are, thank you SO much for sending it back,” she added. “Also I wanted to thank the DJs who reached out to me to give me music to replace what I lost - so generous - you know who you are!”

The former BBC Radio 1 host DJ has recently announced another spree of Before Midnight parties taking place across the UK and Ireland over the coming months. 

The next batch of ten parties, hosting Annie Mac and supporting artists, will kick off at Wylam Brewery in Newcastle on 28th January 2023, running through to  Marget’s Hall By The Sea on 16th June 2023. Check out the full list of dates below.