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Anz drops Spring/Summer Dubs 2021 mix: Listen

The producer made every track that appears in the mix over the last week

Anz has released the third instalment in her 'Spring/Summer Dubs' series. 

The 2021 edition of the annual mix series is mostly made up of tracks and sketches, 18 in all, that the producer put together over the last week, "thanks to a deeply unhealthy series of all-nighters," in her own words. been so busy working on other projects that i accidentally set myself a new challenge this year

Explaining how the mix was put together, Anz says she "exported my last track for the mix two hours [before making it avaiable], recorded straight after and just had a lil sleep deprived cry as the last tune played out."

She has also added a pre-emptive apology "for any rough edges on the tracks or blends," saying putting it together "was a race against the clock".

You can listen to the full mix, which also comes with a tracklist, below.

The release of 'Spring/Summer Dubs 2021' follows on from the launch earlier this year of Anz's own label, OTMI, which she cristened with a two-track release in April.

The second 'Spring/Summer Dubs' instalment dropped late last year as part of a tape bundle.