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Aphex Twin reveals his production process in new video: Watch

Take a look at the electronic music legend’s original ‘Drukqs’ project...

Aphex Twin has uploaded a video showing how his track ‘Vordhosbn’ was made using now discontinued tracking software PlayerPro.

In a clip uploaded to his official Vimeo channel, the producer plays through the track in the retro software, showing the MIDI notes, waveforms, drum sounds and more.

Sadly, it doesn’t go into detail on his more intricate drum programming, but it’s still a rare glimpse behind the curtain from the once-secretive producer.

Richard D. James has opened up in recent times about his music-making process, studio kit and the processes he uses to achieve his unique and defining sound.

PlayerPro hasn’t been updated since 2014, but if you fancy having a go at using the same software AFX used on his seminal album, you can download it here

Aphex Twin also recently headlined London’s Field Day – listen to the set here.

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