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Aphex Twin's fans have created a playlist of his Field Day set: Listen

The power of the electronic hive mind in full effect...

Aphex Twin closed out Field Day's new Barn stage this past weekend — and now his legion of dedicated fans have created a playlist of almost every track he played.

Clocking in at just over two hours, Richard D. James spun an intense mix that took in the best of techno, d&b, gabba, warped soundscapes and beyond, all paired with the head-bending visuals on a myriad screens behind him.

The producer's Warp Records was also on hand at the festival selling a new 12" vinyl during the day at the festival (just like at his live performance in the US earlier this year), which reportedly sold out by 2 pm.

The playlist has been created by some of Aphex Twin's enterprising fans over at the producer's Reddit page.

Aphex Twin's headline performance was also streamed online live via NTS Radio which has helped the Aphex hive mind track down almost all of the tracks he played during his headline set.

Since his performance, an Aphex Twin microsite has appeared online with a countdown which ends in just over 30 days, when it's speculated that a new Aphex album might be released. 

Check out the extensive playlist below.