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Could this be the end for the sea of cameras in front of the stage?

Apple has been granted a patent for technology that could be used to stop attendees of live events from using their iPhone camera to film or photograph the show.

9to5Mac reports that the technology uses infrared transmitters to allow the iPhone to receive data that disables the camera as soon as it is pointed towards the stage. Most cameras are only capable of receiving visible light, but the iPhone camera has an invisible infrared spectrum that can be used to implement data transmission.

The patent originally caused controversy when it was applied for in 2011, but Patently Apple notes it did file for the patent again in 2014. As well as stopping the use of cameras at live events, the technology could also be used to transmit data about exhibits at museums to the user’s screen.

It isn’t clear whether Apple will implement the technology to stop photography at live events yet, however with it being them that applied for the patent, it would likely only impact iPhone users. You can see how the technology is proposed to work below.