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Apple Music launches new analytics tool for artists

It's currently only available on iOS

Apple has launched a new service called Apple Music For Artists.

The platform will act as an analytics tool for all artists using Apple Music and is currently available on iOS devices as a desktop interface and standalone mobile app. 

Apple Music For Artists will allow any musician who has music available on Apple Music to analyse exactly how their releases are performing in different parts of the world and check out with which types of people they're performing best.

Other tools the service offers are a basic count of an artist's daily streams can be broken down by song and city in over 100 countries and the ability to monitor playlist-generated and organic streams by people using Apple Music.

You can find out more about Apple Music For Artists and download it for yourself here.

Earlie this summer, Apple made the decision to close down its iTunes service, instead deciding to integrate it into other existing programmes. The company also announced its first new iPod since 2015 in May of this year.