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Apple release Logic X 10.4 with new FX and features

Smart Tempo, ChromaVerb and Phat FX are the highlights…

Apple have updated Logic Pro X to version 10.4. The latest update sees some hefty new additions including a revolutionary new feature. Smart Tempo aims to remove the click track from your studio, instead analysing your playing and adapting your project to fit. In theory it sounds a lot like Ableton Live’s Warping, allowing users to automatically drag in loops, samples or any audio source that will be automatically adjusted to the timing of your project.

Elsewhere, Apple’s acquisition of Camel Audio seems to have reared its head in the form of Phat FX – a multi-FX unit similar to CamelPhat. StepFX takes the Phat FX concept and adds a sequencer allowing users to trigger different FX and parameters across 16 steps. ChromVerb is a brand new high-quality reverb with lush sounds and a colourful display encouraging EQ and sound shaping.

Also including in 10.4, there’s new Vintage EQ emulations in the form of graphic, tube and console but somehow, there’s still no update to EXS24. Maybe next time.

The update is a free download and is available now on the App Store. Still not sure on taking the plunge on the full version of Logic? Why not try Garageband iOS first? And to find out what was the new in the previous version, check our news story here