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Apple in talks to open Siri access to Spotify

It will be part of the new capabilities introduced with iOS13 software


The forthcoming iOS13 update may enable Spotify control through Siri.

The latest iOS update was revealed in June and is scheduled to be rolled out in September this year. During the announcement at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference, new SiriKit updates for third-party access were announced. 

The updates will enable service providers to integrate Siri in their apps for verbal user commands, with users able to request music on Spotify with no app installed.

Hands-free access to music and the use of Siri is still currently only available for Apple Music, but the new update will mean the end of Apple's exclusivity over the API system.

Last week, Apple Music launched a new analytics tool for artists.

Spotify shared that the streaming giant's Q2 revenue for 2019 reached over $1 billion in a report.