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Arca composes AI-assisted soundtrack for the MoMA’s lobby in New York

It will be in place at the museum for the next two years

Arca has produced music for a new installation in the lobby of New York's Museum of Modern Art (MoMA).

The installation has been dubbed ‘Echo (Danny the Street)’ and produced by by French multimedia artist Philippe Parreno who was commissioned to work on the project to coincide with the museum's reopening next week on Monday, October 21st. It will be in place for the next two years.

Parrenon has said in an interview with Wallpaper that MoMA had briefed him to make the newly-renovated lobby a “real public space”. In turn, he's created what's described as a semi-sentient “creature” that reflects and reacts to data pulled from its surroundings, including light, movement and sound. The project will include use of AI.

Parreno and sound designer Nicolas Becker approached Arca to perform a song that Becker had produced in order to help create a soundtrack for the installation. Teaming up with AI company Bronze, Arca has produced a soundtrack that will never play the same way twice. She described it herself as “a live transmission forever in mutation" in an Instagram post.

"It’s amazing to think of how many people that don’t know about my work will have my sounds passing through their body as they pass through the space into the MoMA," she adds.

Earlier this year, Arca featured alongside Klein, LSDXOXO and more on a compilation put together by PDA.