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Ariel Zetina releases ‘MUAs at the End of the World’ remix EP on femme culture: Listen

Ehua and Tayhana have remixed the Chicago artist’s February EP

Ariel Zetina has released a new remix EP via femme culture.

Following the release of the Chicago DJ and producer's five-track EP ‘MUAs at the End of World’ - a release inspired by make-up, politics, and femininity in the digital age - 'MUAs at the End of the World (Remixes)' features reworkings by Italian-Ivorian producer and DJ Ehua and the Mexico-based Tayhana.

Released back in February, Zetina said 'MUAs at the End of the World' "stemmed from the rhythms of putting on makeup and the perception of makeup as armor, barrier, stealth”.

She added it's about “makeup as a method for passing for trans women (and the politics of what it means to pass for a cis woman in general)."

Listen to, and buy, 'MUAs at the End of the World (Remixes)'  below.

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