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Armin Van Buuren: "Melody is the most important ingredient in trance"

The DJ and producer spoke about the trance evolution and the dark side of success...

In a recent interview with DJ Mag Armin van Buuren shared what he believes is the most important element in trance music. 

Reflecting on his time as winner of DJ Mag's Top 100 polls, and the timeless appeal of trance for him as a DJ and producer, van Buuren spoke about the genre and shared that despite the decline in popularity when up against EDM or mainstream, trance will always hold a place in his heart.

“Melody is the most important ingredient in trance" he told DJ Mag, "In house it’s the groove, in techno it’s the techno sounds and dark atmosphere, but in trance it’s the melody — it’s the closest to classical music, and it’s always moved me. My heart will always be there.” 

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