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Artificial Intelligence created the lyrics and melody to this three-track EP: Listen

Can AI make good music by itself?

A new EP has just been released by an AI startup, WaveAI, which is pioneering a new music creation app called Alysia.

DJ Mag reported last year that artificial intelligence was already being used to craft pop music, and there’s currently a great deal of speculation about the role AI will play in the future of the music industry.

Using Alysia's technology, you can input a few details into the app for it to start creating a composition of its own accord.

DJing is yet another sector being explored as a place where artificial intelligence can be deployed - with new software allowing mixes and mashups to be made automatically

The EP's title track, ‘Invisible Tides’, employs a curious blend of operatic lyrics and electro beats, while some of the lyrics are: “There’s no turning back now / Bleeding tears will never die”.

We’re not sure the human touch is redundant just yet, but you can check the whole EP out below.