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Arturia add DX7, Fairlight, Buchla Easel and more to the V Collection: Watch

Version 6 sees the already mammoth collection grow bigger…

Arturia have added even more classic synths to their epic V Collection series. Now in its sixth incarnation, the new V Collection includes the legendary Yamaha DX7, pioneering sampler CMI Fairlight, the unique Buchla Easel V and the iconic Clavinet as well as updates for all 21 existing instruments.

Having already included models of classics like the Minimoog, ARP2600, Yamaha CS80, Roland Jupiter-8 and Sequential Circuits Prophet-5, it’s hard to argue that any classic synth collection comes close in the software realm.

The software hub Analog Lab, which combines features from the whole collection, has also been updated with over 6,000 presets from a single instance. Arturia V Collection 6 is available now for the introductory price of €199. Watch the trailer below and why not try IK Multimedia's Syntronik sampler instrument as a classic synth alterntive. If hardware is still your thing, Roland's Boutique range is a good place to start