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Aulart share masterclasses with Chris Liebing, Danny Avila & Paco Osuna

There are classes on producing, DJing, and professional networking

Aulart have shared a range of new masterclasses, featuring Chris Liebing, Danny Avila, and Paco Osuna. 

Aulart is an online educational platform offering masterclasses and live courses from internationally renowned DJs, producers, sound engineers, and other professionals in the music industry, showcasing their own unique way of working and making music. 

Recently, Aulart revealed three brand new masterclasses heading for the platform, from CRL boss Chris Liebing, Spanish DJ and producer Danny Avila, and Paco Osuna.

Each masterclass will offer an in-depth, extensive online experience. Liebings masterclass, dubbed My DJ Techniques & Vision of Techno, is broken down into different chapters, with over five hours of video content including building your own live set up, a beginners introduction to Maschine, and tips for B2B sessions.

Danny Avila's masterclass Music Production & Professional Networking features 25 lessons, delves into the artist's mixing and production techniques, the use of hardware and software, while sharing his knowledge of years in the music industry. Osuna's masterclass, My Mixing Techniques, comprises 21 lessons spread across two hours, and includes tips for beginner DJs, creating a groove, and warm up tips.

Chris Liebing's masterclass is available to pre-order here for February 2021, at a reduced price of €119. Danny Avila's is already available online for €79,99 and can be purchased here, as well as Paco Osuna's, which can be accessed here for €57,99.

Speaking about his masterclass, Liebing said: "I am sharing essentially everything that I learned over the past 30 years. Not only from a technical point of view, also from a philosophical one. Not only the 'how' gets discussed, also the 'why', and a lot of 'when' too, as we dive deep into my personal history with techno. 

"You will see how I DJ and my path over the years to my current setup. But also if you are using a different setup than me, lets say CDJs or Turntables, you will be able to use this knowledge in your own setup respectively.

"But this Masterclass is also about the business side of the music industry, as I share quite a bit from my own experience, like missteps in my career, so you don’t have to make the same mistakes. I wish I would have watched that 30 years ago."