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Auntie Flo launches sound and music wellness platform, Swell

The app is created to "entrain the body and mind to quiet and calm"


Auntie Flo has launched a new sound and music wellness platform.

The Scottish DJ, producer and sound artist, real name Brian D'Souza, spent lockdown training as a sound therapist. Off the back of that, he has created Swell, a company dedicated to exploring how sound and music can be used positively in health and well-being. 

Set to launch as an app fior the public in the coming months, it is currently available for creating bespoke compositions, field recordings and natural soundscapes for businesses including spas, wellness centres and other hospitality companies.

Designed for relaxation, entraining the body and mind to quiet and calm, Swell uses biophilic sounds and traditional sound healing instruments for an experience that is, in their words, "immersive, beneficial according to scientific study and brand centric."

"Alongside my DJ career, I've always been interested in the psychology of music - how music affects our conscious and unconscious brain and body," d'Souza told Resident Advisor. "During lockdown, I trained in sound therapy, launched Ambient Flo radio and learned the art of field recording with Chris Watson."

"Swell is a combination of all these endeavours: we've set up a studio in London that can turn field recordings into augmented reality soundscapes that trigger various states of consciousness, with the aim of looking at ways music and sound can be utilised for better health and well-being."

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The news comes two years after D'Souza launched a 24-hour radio station named Ambient Flo, aimed at improving sleep, focus and relaxation.

Last year, a study found that listening to music helped improve emotional wellbeing during the COVID-19 pandemic, and that people spent more time listening to music than before while in lockdown.