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Brian Coney
25 January 2023, 13:34

Avalon Emerson shares new single, ‘Sandrail Silhouette’, launches & The Charm project: Listen

Avalon Emerson & The Charm’s debut single was co-produced with Bullion

Avalon Emerson shares new single, ‘Sandrail Silhouette’, launches & The Charm project: Listen
Credit: Tonje Thilesen

Avalon Emerson has dropped a new single, ‘Sandrail Silhouette’. Listen below.

The track is the debut release by the DJ and producer's new project, Avalon Emerson & The Charm. Co-produced by Emerson and West London producer Nathan Jenkins aka Bullion, the song is a more indie-orientated effort by Emerson, calling to mind the immersive dream-pop of artists such as Cocteau Twins. The song was co-written by Emerson and Jenkins alongside Hunter Lombard and Keivon Hobeheidar.

Coming four months on from the release of '060', Emerson's first collaborative record alongside Anuaku, ‘Sandrail Silhouette’ is released via Another Dove, Emerson's new label alongside AD 93 founder Nic Tasker.

Speaking about the song, Emerson said: “To me this song is about scale. Scales of time and how something that seemed so important and defining a long time ago, might not really matter that much now. And then taking a step back and feeling the smallness of your own lifetime in the shadow of a thousand year old tree. In that way it’s also about the here and now and not sleeping through the erosion of time.”

On the songwriting process for the track, she said: “The seed of Sandrail started in LA a couple years ago, my wife Hunter strumming on her Jazzmaster and me plucking some chords on my Hydrasynth. I brought the snippets into the studio with Bullion and we layed out a few minutes of it and added some drums and I wrote some vocal melodies and lyrical thoughts of things that were on my mind lately. Then a couple of days later my old friend from Arizona, Keivon came into the studio to add some cello to another song, and we played him the Sandrail sketch and nearly instantly he wrote the cello parts."

"It really all came together basically that day," added Emerson. "It was really encouraging to feel like we got to the heart of something like this so fluidly and beautifully. I love this song.”

Accompanying the single is a video directed by Hayden Martin and Felix Geen. Watch it and check out the artwork for the single below.

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