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Avicii’s posthumous single ‘Tough Love’ is out now: Listen

The track features on his forthcoming posthumous album...

'Tough Love', a posthumous new single from Avicii, has now been released and can be heard below.

It's the second track to be unveiled from a posthumous new album from the producer which is titled TIM and due out on June 6th. The track was first trailed yesterday with the news that it had been produced alongside Vincent Pontare and Salem Al Fakir (AKA Vargas & Lagola). The producers had also worked with Avicii before his death on tracks such as 'Silhouettes' and 'Hey Brother'.

It was 80% finished at the time of his death just over a year ago and features vocal contributions from Vargas and Swedish singer Agnes who is Vargas' wife. 

"This one needs to be a duet,” Avicii had noted while working on the track before his death. “Coolest thing would be a real couple. Or a couple that have worked together enough to be almost considered a couple!" The melody on the track also takes inspiration from time that the producer spent studying the traditional music of northwest India.

The release of 'Tough Love' follows on from 'SOS' which was the first track to be unveiled from TIM. Net proceeds from the release of the album will go to the Tim Bergling Foundation, which was launched in March with the intention of offering support to people and organisations working with mental health provision and suicide prevention. 

Avicii was awarded a posthumous Grammy in Sweden in February.