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Brian Coney
5 September 2022, 12:30

Avicii honoured with wind sculpture in Stockholm

The artists responsible want the sculpture to "remind us how the energy of Tim Bergling's music made people meet, feel and dance"

Avicii honoured with wind sculpture in Stockholm

Avicii has been honoured with a wind sculpture in his hometown of Stockholm.

Created by artists Adèle Essle Zeiss and Liva Isakson Lundin, 'Standing Waves' is an artistic representation in memory of the late Swedish DJ and producer, born Tim Bergling in the Swedish capital in 1989.

Commissioned by Östermalm District Council in consultation with Bergling’s family, the sculpture - which is set in motion by the wind - has been installed in his favourite park, Humlegården, in the Östermalm district. Officially launched on 1st September, its unveiling was accompanied by speeches, music, and songs with interpretations of Bergling's songs.

"Like the wind, music can be experienced immaterially and spread through waves in the air," said Zeiss and Lundin in a shared statement. "The artwork is set in motion by the force of the wind to remind us how the energy of Tim Bergling's music made people meet, feel and dance. The wind also becomes a symbol of the uncontrollable forces that each individual encounters in life. The shifting movements of the sculpture make visible how complex a person is.”

Photo Credit: Giulia Cairone

Andréa Hedin, the chair of the City District Council of Östermalm, said: "We want to pay tribute to Tim Bergling, whose music has meant so much to people around the world. The changing expression of the artwork and the location in Humlegården, one of Tim's favorite places, make us remember him on many different levels."

"It is also a way of honouring all the people who have passed away far too early due to mental illness," she added.

The unveiling of the sculpture comes a few months after the opening of Avicii Experience exhibition at Space Stockholm. In January, it was announced that the Avicii INVECTOR video game would be released in VR format.