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Avicii’s ‘True’ bonus tracks hit Spotify for the first time: Listen

The 10-track album has been expanded to 15

The bonus tracks from Avicii’s 2013 ‘True’ album have hit Spotify for the first time.

After a special week of programming on SiriusXM last week, honouring the late EDM star and raising mental health awareness, and the release of Avicii Invector: Encore Edition on Nintendo Switch, fans have now been given five bonus tracks from one of Avicii's platinum-certified albums.

'True', released back in 2013, features tracks like 'You Make Me', 'Wake Me Up', and 'Hey Brother' on the standard release, and included other bonus tracks which were previously only available via iTunes, CD, and Amazon. Now, the bonus 15-track edition of 'True' is available on Spotify, with the five exclusive additions: 'Always On The Run', 'All You Need Is Love', 'Canyons', 'Edom', and 'Long Road to Hell'.

In April, a tribute mix for Avicii was shared on Tomorrowland’s One World Radio to mark two years since his death. The Swedish EDM star’s legacy and influence on the world of electronic music endures, with hit 'Wake Me Up' being named as the highest charting dance track of the decade. Earlier in the year, Avicii was awarded two posthumous Swedish Grammys for his album ‘TIM’, which was completed by friends and collaborators. Just this month, ‘TIM’ won the award for Best Album at this year’s International Dance Music Awards. 

You can listen to the 'True' bonus edition below.