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Avicii shares emotional music video for ‘You Be Love’: Watch

A series of statues to symbolize the strength of love…

Avicii steers towards the symbolic with the emotional music video for ‘You Be Love’. A series of highly-detailed statues are the focus of the video – a symbol of the enduring strength of true love.

Featuring the effortless vocals of Billy Raffoul, the track already lingered with an essence of timelessness thanks in part to its acoustic guitar arrangement and classical percussion breaks.

The video was directed by TNT. Simon Hernadi served as producer and Manga Minja as executive producer. Los Angeles’ Chimney Pot served as the lead on the VFX and 3D effects while Petter Lindholm assisted as the visual effects supervisor.   

In November, it was revealed Netflix would pick up the Avicii True Stories documentary which accounts the turbulent moments leading to the EDM-star’s departure from the studio and touring life.

Check out the video in full below: