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Avicii shares new video for ‘Friend of Mine’: Watch

Old age can creep up on you…

Avicii and his team continue to produce artistic visual accompaniments for his recent 'Avīci (01)' singles. Tobias Leo Nordquist is the directorial force behind newest music video offering for ‘Friend of Mine’.  

Commencing in hippie-era California, the video drastically skips toward present day celebrations, leaving the video’s male protagonist wondering where time and love have vanished.

After a series of heart-warming moments between the video’s aging lovers, viewers are left with the stark image of a family dealing with the trauma of Alzheimer’s; a realization in dark contrast to the song’s uplifting melodies featuring Vargas & Lagola.   

Avivii revealed a new documentary entitled True Stories last year.

The video follows that of ‘You Be Love’, which used highly-detailed statures to symbolize the enduring strength of human passions.

Watch the video for ‘Friend of Mine’ in full below.