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Axwell /\ Ingrosso tease release of new album ‘More Than You Know’

A limited edition signed vinyl available for pre-order in London…

Axwell /\ Ingrosso took to social media today (5th July) to tease the release of their forthcoming full-length studio effort, ‘More Than You Know’. Sebastian Ingrosso sharing via Instagram that a signed limited edition vinyl is now available for pre-order at London’s #26 Box Park Shoreditch.

The social message also notes that global release details will be available soon. The post can be found below.  

Prior to Ingrosso having his laptop stolen, the pair released a four-track EP sharing the ‘More Than You Know’ title. That releases four tracks (“More Than You Know,” “Renegade,” “How Do You Feel Now,” and “Dawn”) will all appear on the 14-track album as well. Find the complete tracklist, with mention of two still unidentified bonus tracks, ahead of the social teaser.


1. ‘More Than You Know’
2. ‘How Do You Feel Right Now’
3. ‘This Time’
4. ‘Something New’
5. ‘Renegade’
6. ‘Dream Bigger’
7. ‘Sun Is Shining’
8. ‘On My Way’
9. ‘I Love You (Feat. Kid Ink)’
10. ‘Thinking About You’
11. ‘Can’t Hold Us Down’
12. ‘Dawn’
13. Bonus Track
14. Bonus Track