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AYA shares free digital album, retires LOFT release: Listen

AYA gives her former alias a final send-off

AYA has said goodbye to LOFT, her former moniker, by releasing a compilation of unreleased material. 

"LOFT IS DEAD LONG LIVE AYA" reads the blurb on Bandcamp, alongside artwork which depicts a headstone with the years 2009-2019 and reads, "the dj we neither needed nor deserved."

The blurb goes onto say, "it's been a nice decade on the whole, bigger better brighter, aya out xxxx" 

The compilation is titled 'are eye pea ell oh eff tea' and marks the official end of LOFT.  

Consisting of 24 tracks produced between 2009 and 2019, there is work on this compilation that could have been added to 2017's 'Three Settlements Four Ways' EP on Wisdom Teeth, as well as music that didn't make it onto her 2019 EP on Tri Angle, 'and departt from mono games'. 

You can listen to the compilation on Bandcamp here

AYA will play CTM Festival in Berlin later this month.