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This ball makes beats when you bounce it

It’s can also be a MIDI controller for your DAW

ODD ball is a musical instrument disguised as a ball – hook it up to the included app and you can create sounds by bouncing and catching the rubber device. You can use the app to trigger sounds and then loop them and layer the sounds to create track ideas using just a ball. There’s also FX within the app to tweak your loops and get them sounding unique. There’s a library of sounds within the ODD ball app including disco, grime, rock, arcade and more as well as quantising any of your bounces to lock down the timing and keep the process fun! 

The ball can also be used as a MIDI controller, connecting it to your DAW and triggering samples and affecting parameters by bouncing the ball around the studio. ODD ball started out as a Kickstarter and is now available to buy for £89. Watch the video below to see it in action.