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Bang Face Weekender locks Perc, Sherelle, Hixxy & Dougal Bonkers reunion, more in second wave

Posthuman, Partiboi69 and GFOTY are also booked for the rave at Southport Holiday Park

Perc, Sherelle, Partiboi69, Posthuman and GFOTY are among the second wave of artists announced for the 11th edition of the Bang Face weekender.

UK happy hardcore innovators Hixxy & Dougal will also play a Bonkers reunion set at Southport Holiday Park in tribute to the compilation mix series that soundtracked a decade of British rave. 

There will also be an A/V show from melodic breakcore artist Ruby My Dear - and the premier of Squarepusher's new A/V show featuring music from his recently-announced Warp album, 'Be Up A Hello', which will be released in January 2020. 

A third wave of artists will be announced after Christmas but before that the Bang Face team head to Bristol for their annual Christmas party on Friday 13th December.  

This year they are taking over the Old Crown Courts for a ‘law and disorder’ themed party with sets from Altern 8, Luke Vibert, Technical Itch and Manni Dee. 

Bang Face 2020 takes place from March 12th to 16th. You can find more information here