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Bassnectar funds climate change course for high school students

The producer continues to spread goodwill

Bassnectar will fund a climate change course for high school students. 

After using his non-profit organisation Be Interactive to set up an initiaitive offering a free month of therapy to 1000 people, Bassnectar has announced his next initiative: funding an online course on climate change. 

Following an opening for application grants supporting pro-climate projects, a curriculum was designed by Malanka Riaboken of Guerilla Science, with the hope that students can be educated by teachers in a timely and pro-active program.

Lia Holland, Executive Director of Be Interactive said on the project and Malanka's work: "We’re trying something new here, in the ever-evolving Bassnectar experiment, we’re working to amplify creative and civic-minded fans. Could Bassnectar teach a course on Climate Change? No, but Malanka can, and we’re using the power of the music to enable and lift up her awesome work.”

You can download the full curriculum, assignments and materials for the four-week climate change course here.

Earlier this summer, Bassnectar dropped his 'Tempo of Dreams' mixtape.