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Bassnectar funds free therapy for 1000 people

The response has seen the producer and organisation he's partnered with double the numbers

Bassnectar has partnered with nonprofit organisation Be Interactive and online behavioral health services portal BetterHelp to set up an initiative offering a free month of therapy to 1000 people.

Within a day of the initiative going live, the response has led to the producer and the organisations he's partnered with working to double that number. Writing in a blog poston his website, he said that for each ticket sold to his upcoming Day of the Dead party, $2 will be allocated towards providing another 1000 applicants with therapy services. Therapy for the first round of recipients was funded with profits from Bass Center XII ticket sales.

"Offering this kind of help to anyone who asks is very important to our team," the producer says in the post. "We all so strongly believe that therapy should be a resource in everyone’s life, and are cheering on the 2000 of you who are about to receive a free month."

You can find out more about the initiative here.

Earlier this summer, Bassnectar dropped his 'Tempo of Dreams' mixtape.