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Bassnectar promises free show if President Donald Trump is impeached

Fans of the bass artist have been asked where he should play

Bassnectar has promised to play a free show if the impeachment of US President Donald Trump is successful. The bass artist originally offered his pro-bono services in the event of charges being brought against Trump back in 2017, in response to successive April Fools posts relating to non-existent gigs.

Two years on and the opposition Democrats have filed two articles of impeachment against Trump. The first relates to an alleged abuse of power when he demanded Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy investigate a political rival. The second results from obstructing the efforts of Congress to investigate the Republican chief's own behaviour.

Depending on the outcome of ongoing hearings this could result in removal from the most powerful office on the planet. If successful, it would be one of three instances in US history where a president has been impeached — Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton went through a similar process, although both were later acquitted by the Senate. 

Clearly delighted, Bassnectar took to Twitter yesterday, Tuesday 10th December, to reiterate his intentions.

“OH YES! Long deserved IMPEACHMENT of the most corrupt president in our history is INCOMING. So where should we do this free show? Hold his orange ass to the same fire u would have treated obama with & maybe then the republicans & fox news can see how it feels to be honest?”

This is the most recent in a list of socially and politically-conscious moves from the man behind June's 'Tempo of Dreams' mixtape. This year he has already paid for therapy for 1,000 people, funded climate change courses for high school students, and donated thousands of meals to Michigan kids living in poverty.