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Beastie Boys’ ‘Sabotage’ used in advert for Joe Biden campaign

The group have given rare approval for their music to be used in an advertising campaign

The Beastie Boys have given rare approval for one of their songs to be used in an advertising campaign, with their 1994 hit 'Sabotage' featuring in a clip for Joe Biden's presidential campaign.

The track was featured in an advert that aired during NFL games on Sunday, October 18th, with the focus of the clip being on the impact that the Covid-19 pandemic has had on music venues across the US. Amongst those featured in the ad is the owner of a grassroots venues in Michigan called The Blind Pig, Joe Malcoun.

Discussing the effects that the pandemic has had on his venue, Malcoun says that Donald Trump's response has been devastating for venues like his. "We don't know how much longer we can survive without any revenue," he says. "A lot of restaurants and bars that have been mainstays for years will not make it through this. This is Donald Trump's economy. There is no plan and you don't know how to go forward."

You can watch the campaign video below.

Beastie Boys last allowed a piece of their music to be used in an advertising campaign in 2017 when 'Sabotage' featured in a trailer for the 'Destiny 2' video game.

Last month, Beastie Boys' 1995 EP 'Aglio E Olio' was uploaded to streaming services for the first time.

Earlier this month, the group's Ad-Rock trolled Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Albums of All Time poll with his own questionable contributions.