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Behringer are making a CS-80 clone

Yamaha's iconic polysynth is being re-made, presumedly for an affordable price…

Behringer are remaking the Yamaha CS-80, according to their Facebook page. The classic polysynth – made famous for providing the haunting sounds on the Blade Runner soundtrack, among others – is notoriously expensive, heavy and fragile and currently goes for a very high price on the second-hand market.

Behringer followed up on an original Facebook post teasing that they were studying the unit, before revealing some mockups on their Facebook page (below). Behringer have been teasing various clones for years now, some of which have never come to market. It's hard to say whether this most recent DS-80 will ever see the light of day – it's also suspiciously close to Yamaha themselves revealing they are thinking of re-creating their beloved polysynth.

More mind games from Behringer, or the real deal? Only time will tell.