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Behringer have 40 Eurorack modules coming starting at $50

The German company have used Gearslutz to fuel yet another rumour…

Another day, another rumour from Behringer – this time the news that they're going to release up to 40 Eurorack modules over the next two years. Announced on Gearslutz by founder and CEO Uli Behringer, the 40 modules will follow the already-announced line of 13 modules based on the classic Roland System-100m. 

Uli explained: "We’re planning to launch close to 40 modules over the next two years at a suggested retail price between US$49 and 99 each." As ever, the announcement is sure to bring criticism and some doubt, as Behringer have spent the last two years teasing clones and products that have yet to make it to market

We'll be keeping a close eye, but if Behringer can see these through, it could introduce the somewhat-elitist world of modular to the masses.