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Behringer ‘leak’ new EMS Synthi, SH-101, ARP 2600 and WASP clones

The mysterious new products appeared on their website…

Behringer have ‘leaked’ what looks like a wide selection of new synths. It was rumoured back in the summer that the German giants were working on a host of clones, getting up to speed with the hardware and analogue revival. Now, their website has posted a total of eight new synths including what looks like clones of the ARP2600, EMS Synthi, WASP, Octave CAT, SH-101 and MS20.

If true, it’d be a huge shakeup with their reputation for low prices meaning it could put classic hardware clones in the hands of more producers. Nothing has been confirmed by Behringer and at the time of writing the products were still live on their website, including the individual product pages. According to the specs of the ‘2600’, the synth was designed and made in the UK, with the ‘Synthi VCX3’ built in Germany. Interestingly, the new category on their page also includes 'Samplers', though nothing has popped up yet. Is a classic sampler clone on the way too?

Oddly, the previously announced Minimoog Clone ‘Behringer D’ is not on the page. With NAMM around the corner, could this be Behringer’s big moment to instantly dominate the hardware synth revival? We’ll bring you the latest news as it comes in. If you’re more interested in software, Arturia’s latest V Collection update has added DX7, Buchla Easel and more.

UPDATE: The products have now disappeared from the Behringer website, though Synthtopia have the full details of each synth.

UPDATE 2: Behringer have since clarified their side of the story with a post of their Facebook page below. We'll leave it up to you to believe what you want, but we love a bit of drama in music tech!