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Behringer now wants to clone the ARP 2600

Clone wars…

Behringer has now set its sights on creating a clone of Korg’s iconic ARP 2600 synth now that the synth is now out of copyright.

It follows last week's news that Behringer is making a clone of Moog’s Minimoog Model D, too.

“We are currently trying to acquire an original unit for benchmark purposes,” Uli Behringer wrote on the Gerar Slutz forum. “We hope we will be able to show you a first design draft within the next few weeks, while we’re studying the circuit diagrams to provide you with an estimated retail price.”

Both synths are now fair game for copies after their respective copyrights have now ended, Moog and Korg do still own the names but there’s nothing they can do to stop other companies from creating clones of their iconic hardware.

Korg has actually hinted that they may remake the sought after ARP 2600 themselves after 2015's successful remake of the ARP Odyssey.

According to Uli Behringer, the company currently has four teams working on some 20 synths and drum machines, and that the company's teams are concentrating on “innovative new synths as well as reviving classics.”

Today's news also follows the announcement that Behringer is also set to release a line of affordable synths later this year, which retail for just $49.