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Behringer's 303 clone will cost £130

The acid revival sees the German giants clone one of the most iconic bass machines of all time

Behringer have closed the classic Roland TB-303 with their new synth the TD-3-SR. The new synth will cost only €150 – currently under £130 – and features similar architecture to the original 303 with a single VCO, switchable between saw and square, single filter, 16-step sequencer and a new distortion effect. 

The TD-3-SR also includes CV patch points for hooking the unit into your Eurorack modules or connecting multiple Behringer clones together, all of which features the 3.5mm jacks. Familiar controls for accent, decay, envelope, tune, as well as the all-important cutoff and resonance controls, sit atop the unit. Output is via a single quarter-inch jack while there's also USB for MIDI and conventional MIDI DIN for any older kit. Watch the video below for more info and some demos of the sounds. 

Interestingly, as we reported previously, Roland filed a claim for copyright over the aesthetic design of the 303 (and the 909) in Germany back in February 2019, however it doesn't seem to have stopped Behringer's latest recreation. The clone wars rumble on…