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Behringer's new semi-modular synth is another analogue bargain: Watch

The Crave is yet another new product coming from the German giants…

Behringer have announced Crave, a new semi-modular synth with the famous 3340 oscillator – found in the legendary SCI Prophet-5. It also features the classic 'ladder' filter, originally developed by Moog and features a 32-step sequencer and 16-voice Poly Chain. There's also MIDI in to control the synth from an external keyboard. 

There's also plenty of patch points to get hands on with sound design or to implement the Crave into your Eurorack setup. Behringer have already announced they'll be introducing Eurorack modules in the future so expect this to work seamlessly with them. 

Although there's only one oscillator, at $199 and a fully-analogue architecture as well as a sequencer and lots of patch points it looks like another bargain from Behringer. After announcing their 808 clone will cost just $299, it seems the German company are on a roll. However, with so many products and little release info, who knows when it'll hit the market.