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Ben Klock locks in Surgeon, DVS1 and Rødhåd for 11-hour techno rave

 It all goes down at Printworks…

Ben Klock is set to host an 11-hour, two-room rave at Printworks on Sunday 1st April. He’ll be joined in the main room by the likes of Surgeon, DVS1 and Rødhåd.

Klock’s next Photon party also welcomes DJ Nobu and Etapp Kyle as well as the ambient stylings of The Black Dog, Prurient, Sigha and Alekzandra.

According to Klock, the aim of the party is to "present a multi-sensory experience placing attention on the marriage between sound, light and architecture and how these elements combined influence our experience."

This Photon party is being co-hosted by The Hydra, the production team which is overseeing a number of upcoming events at Printworks.

Printworks’ 2018 season starts on 3rd March. The London club earned the Best of British Club Series in 2017.