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“This is sadly the only choice I’m left with”...

Ben Pearce has cancelled all of his forthcoming tour dates after admitting, via heartfelt Facebook statement, that he has been battling depression.

“It is with a deep regret I am cancelling all my upcoming shows for 2016,” reads the statement posted to the DJ and producer’s facebook page. “I’ve battled with depression for the past few years and despite professional help I have reached a place where I know this is sadly the only choice I’m left with.”

Pearce goes on to explain that his mental wellbeing has deteriorated so much in recent months that it has left him with no other choice than to cancel his forthcoming tour dates for the entirety of 2016.

“This isn’t a goodbye forever at this stage; this is taking the time and the steps necessary to make an attempt at recovery towards leading a healthy mental state of mind.”

Pearce is just the latest in a long line of DJs and producers to take break from the gruelling life of a touring DJ. In recent months artists including Benga, Scuba and Midland have all shared their own experiences with mental health problems, hoping that their openness and bravery can inspire more performers to seek the proper help.

“Lastly I would like to thank each and every one of you who has supported me, you’re the only reason I’m not still working in a call centre and do not for one second think I am not extremely grateful for that.”

Everyone at DJ Mag wishes Ben Pearce a safe and speedy recovery.

Read his full statement below.