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Berghain's iconic mural is being broken up into pieces and sold

Time to own a piece of techno history...

To make way for Berghain's new entrance hall, the club has taken the decision to take down the club's iconic mural and sell the pieces online.

The huge tiled artwork has stood in the club's entrance since the techno mecca opened in 2004.

The club has taken the decision to break down the mural into tiny little pieces and sell them online so no one person can own the entire artwork.

Created by Piotr Nathan, the mural — which is called Rituals Of Disappearance — is made up of 171 aluminium panels that will now be sold via a new website owned and run by both Berghain and Nathan.

Speaking about the significance of the mural, Piotr Nathan said: "After all, this massive mural, although conceived in form and content for a museum, was ultimately designed and realized in this extraordinary club. I compare partying at Berghain to cultic celebrations of indigenous tribes".

He adds, “To me it is therefore conclusive to dissolve the work and distribute it primarily among the people who have a connection with the Berghain. The work as a whole is constructed of single plates and will be dissolved and sold in fragments… It is my wish for the panels to find their places in the homes of the guests who have celebrated in the club.”

The pieces went on sale on Friday for €500 each and at the time of writing they have all been sold.